Post Masonry – Style 1

Balancing Fantasy and Reality

Contemplating destruction and decay while walking around Shanghai’s old neighbourhood

A Simplified Guide to Clothing Production

Prologue Four months ago, I embarked on an ambitious journey to design ROSEN-X garments I would never have dared to do just the year before, owing to the fact that my technical…

A New State of Affairs

I started this blog before I went to university, which was roughly a decade ago. Back then I was keen on becoming a fashion buyer who would eventually build her own retail…

Cultivating The Gardens of ROSEN

It goes without saying that most of us are not having a jolly good time this year. Everywhere we turn we are presented with a doom and gloom situation all around the…

A Look Into Modern Issey Miyake

When we talk about ethical fashion brands, Issey Miyake is usually not the first name mentioned. The brand does not boast about its sustainability efforts, nor its advanced textile production to make…

Dance, Dance, Dance
Junya Watanabe’s Army
Junya Watanabe parka, wool shirt and parachute jacket; Y's trousers; Margiela tabi boots; Alexander Wang bag
Issey Miyake’s Technical Outerwear

Discover the selection of Issey Miyake’s archive here. 

A Message for 3226 – A Look into ROSEN’s Operations

Adhering to The Norm ROSEN has never followed fashion cycle nor seasons, nor any pre-determined rules of the industry. A typical industry cycle begins with showcasing collections at one of the major…

Living with The Virus – An Aftermath

The cold winter days seem to have disappeared, leaving behind warm sunshine, brisk cool winds and the chirps of sparrows every morning. It has been almost two months since I returned to…

Balenciaga’s Trench Coat – A Tale of Deconstruction

Balenciaga FW2016 Trench Coat Joseph Trousers Sacai Wedge Boots