Notes from The Tea Plantation

Fashion is an industry that is obnoxious, loud and extroverted. To do well, one must…

The Silk Bible

The continuously-updated fabric guide to silk for modern fashion design

“It’s The Economy, Stupid”: The Rise of Neoliberalism and Its Control on Fashion

A look into how this predatory form of transnational capitalism manipulates fashion industry for the benefits of the 21st century landlord class

ROSEN Sophora Dress

Building A Fashion Brand with A Purpose

How to compete in this cutthroat industry we call fashion by building a brand with meaning and humility.

Four Ways to Start Your Fashion Design Career

Some time ago I wrote an essay regarding the initial considerations you should mull over…

Fashion As A Career: Initial Considerations

As fashion is becoming more fashionable, especially through the rise of visually-driven materialistic social media,…