My name is Gracia Ventus.

I started writing lighthearted fashion articles over a decade ago before I began my university studies. At that time, the intention for this website was to support a  hobby selling vintage garments. Over time, my interest in the fashion industry grew, branching out to cover fashion theory, history, luxury fashion and other sociological issues such as feminism and consumerism.

When I started designing my own clothing brands, I shifted the focus of my essays towards garment manufacturing, textile production and various aspects of running a fashion business, including the associated economic and ethical implications.

You will find fashion industry-related resources that revolve around avant-garde designers, an insider’s view into clothing production, my personal thoughts that I have formed through years of reading, travels, and business ventures, and once in a while, the ‘What Are You Wearing Today’-style of outfit documentations.

My opinions are influenced by my life experiences and my personal ethos in finding the pragmatic balance between individual accountability and collectivist progress. I was born in Indonesia into a Chinese family; my ancestors migrated from southern China a few centuries ago. I was sent to Singapore for education, living with strangers since the age of ten. My university days were spent in Australia and the United Kingdom. I am currently living in Shanghai, China, where I design and produce my own clothing labels.

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