Notes from The Tea Plantation

Fashion is an industry that is obnoxious, loud and extroverted. To do well, one must…

Issey Miyake APOC Inside Cardigan SS2011
By The Grace of Miyake

Humans are strange creatures. We pin our self-esteem on our beliefs. When our beliefs are validated, we feel good about ourselves. When they’re being contradicted, we often take it as a personal attack.

A Summer Retrospective

In which I revisit summer-appropriate looks that spanned almost a decade

ROSEN Sophora Dress
Building A Fashion Brand with A Purpose

How to compete in this cutthroat industry we call fashion by building a brand with meaning and humility.

On The Cusp of 2022

In which I wrote another essay on the train, zipping from the South to the North of China on a pilgrimage to seek a master.

Balancing Fantasy and Reality

Contemplating destruction and decay while walking around Shanghai’s old neighbourhood