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Weihai – One of China’s Hidden Gems

A search for the story of Amur led me to the tranquil Northern regions

Slow Fashion – An Impossible Goal?

Is running a slow-fashion business model possible in a tough economic climate?

The Birth of Amur

Protection for a new life in the frontier. That was what Amur eventually evolved into.

In the beginning, there were belts and shawls. Not contend with accessories however, we dreamt of bigger things. What better way to showcase one’s propensity for fabrics, cuts and construction than long outerwear?

The Evolution of A Garment and The Importance of Obsession in Design

To present a piece of creative work to the world is to throw away a…

Notes from The Tea Plantation

Fashion is an industry that is obnoxious, loud and extroverted. To do well, one must…