How to Dress Like A Futuristic Space Goth

March 6, 2011

by Gracia Ventus
I’m not an articulate person, to be honest, that’s why most of my posts are image-heavy and light in text. Whatever paragraphs that actually manifested in my posts, they took a good many hours to develop. Upon seeing the Gareth Pugh collection though, my inability to write got worse, because the beautiful coats and colours rendered me speechless. The only way to describe what I felt was a spine-tingling sensation down to the hair on my toes and very very briefly, tears forming at the corners of my eyes.

You see, Mr. Pugh has finally gone back to what I love most about him. The collection is chokeful of obnoxious, structural leathers that get in the way whenever you try to eat in them, and the new touch of cobalt blue, goodness gracious me, is simply electrifying. In this collection he found the balance between real-life and science fiction.

I can only hope that stores worldwide would stock up on these the coats below.

And with that I shall leave you with the only catwalk video that I can find, courtesy of Antonioli.

Gareth Pugh Paris Women Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011-12 from ANTONIOLI on Vimeo.

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