August 30, 2009

by Gracia Ventus

Ok so this jacket may have appeared quite a wee bit but it’s not something I can help with considering how awesome it is. It beats any biker jackets (well almost all) in terms of its uniqueness, plus it holds its shape and is so well-made, making me realise that the army makes better clothes than most brands that outsource its production in China (disclaimer: not trying to be discriminating here but at the rates the companies are trying to cut corners the factories would have to follow suit. Yes I’m looking at you LVMH).

It’s quite rare for me to be satisfied with a barely layered outfit, especially with jeans, but this jacket totally makes up for everything. Like I’ve mentioned once, Emmanuelle Alt may have her Balmain jackets, but my military jacket can kick butt too.

Wearing: vintage military jacket, Cheap Monday jeans, Stella Mccartney boots.

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