An Affair with Alaia

July 18, 2009

by Gracia Ventus

So umm.. I bought a pair of Azzedine Alaia’s cutout wedge boots, and like all my expensive purchases, I experienced this syndrome marketers call ‘cognitive dissonance’ where I begin to doubt whether the large sum of money has been spent on the right item.

It sort of kept me up all night because I didn’t want these boots to be the wrong purchase, so the next morning I sought to calm my worries by planning an outfit that will match the boots. Lo and behold, I love how they look with:

1. Vintage Tuxedo Blazer
2. Coated Skater Dress from Urban Outfitters
3. Betsey Johnson Snake Charmer Clutch

The reason I bought the boots is that owning a pair of Alaias make me feel like I’m owning a part of fashion history from the great couturier himself. After all the man, bless his soul, is not getting any younger and while he’s still at it, I want to have the privilidge to be the group of women he crafts his artwork for.

You might just bump into me wearing this outfit three months from now when I’m back in Singapore.

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