July 26, 2018

by Gracia Ventus

At the time of writing, the plane was flying somewhere over Australia’s Northern Territory. I have not had the opportunity to do any form of writing in the last few weeks as I had been racing against time trying to complete the latest ROSEN collection, only a couple of weeks after the previous one was released. That collection came to be known as ROSEN-X, the synthetics-heavy counterpart to ROSEN.


From fabric selections to sampling, a capsule collection that only consisted of eight pieces - versus the usual twelve to fifteen - proved to be a challenge for my tailor and me who are used to working with natural fabrics. It didn’t help that I was pedantic about the fit of the garments, especially on what was to become my favourite trousers in the collection - the Europa cargos. In the quest for the perfect cut, I ended up making four samples of the same garment versus the typical average of one.

My design approach for ROSEN has always remained singular - to create fuss free garments that complement the clothes made by our favourite designers. I do not seek to create ornate clothes - simply because I do not have the expertise, manpower and financial resources to make intricate clothing well. I do however - with the expertise of local tailors - know how to make not-so-ornate but slightly-more-interesting clothing well. And that combination of design knowledge and tailoring expertise are brought over to make ROSEN-X pieces.

All ROSEN-X garments are available on ROSEN-STORE.COM, customised sizing available upon request.








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