Rick Owens’s Warrior

November 4, 2015

by Gracia Ventus

Rick Owens Plinth AW2013
Rick Owens Plinth AW2013Rick Owens Plinth AW2013

It's almost the end of 2015. If you're wearing Rick Owens head to toe you're so passé.

Yet here I am doing the very thing.

For some reason Moby is being played on the random 8track playlist some algorithm has decided would be right up my alley. Moby is so not 2015. Is 8track still 2015? I can no longer keep up.

Word on the street is that Rick is so mainstream now that the youths are trading his geobaskets for Yeezys, or obscure Reeboks, depending on their allegiance and level of snobbery. I cross-checked with Google and sure enough there is an increase in searches for him. I can only surmise that his collaborations and theatrical runway shows have well upped his street cred. That and the various hip hop artists who were namedropping him left and right.

Here's the thing though. Those people who jumped ship were either unhappy with the new direction, or were bored with the so-called goth ninja aesthetics, implying that they weren't aware of Rick Owens leaving behind the drapey Madame Grès inspo to begin with.

And then there are people who just dislike anything mainstream. If the hashtag has over 5,000 hits on Instagram, it's time to move on to the next designer. Gotta keep it fresh, y'kno.

Rick Owens Plinth AW2013

But Rick Owens himself has moved on. And so should we. Gone are the languid dresses, replaced by tough armours such as bomber jackets, samurai coats, harnesses, and paratrooper boots. The former may still be available in stores since they are now classic staples, aka his money-makers. Despite the loss of ethereality, the Rick woman is now grounded, hardy and powerful. As someone who used to complain that his clothes was restrictive and impractical at times, I welcome this gradual change with open arms.

I still remember the first time I fell in love with his clothes. It was the Crust (FW2009) collection, followed by Stag (FW2008). Yes, in that order. Those clothes were meant for space warriors. In between then and now, he made clothing fit for a bored queen whose only job was to sit on the throne. The garments were restrictive in the torso area, or were far too long to be of any use when walking. Now the queen is back in action, swathed in clothing no less luxurious yet allowing her movement and protection. One just needs to compare the size of sleeves between the samurai coat I'm wearing versus his trademark biker jackets. So much more room bejaysus. You can bet that the feminist in me is rejoicing at the new direction he has taken.

Rick Owens still reigns as the prince of darkness, and probably will be for a long time to come. But you know what's the best bit? Fashion is but a secondary importance to our existence. And if it doesn't work out at some point, he said it's okay to walk away.

Rick Owens Plinth AW2013

Rick Owens Plinth AW2013
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One thought on “Rick Owens’s Warrior

  • Nathalie

    by Nathalie on November 7, 2015 at 8:30 am

    I love this outfit, it reminds me of one of your older posts where you wore that large vintage kimono and all the layers moved.

    I don’t know about RO being impractical though, since a lot of his runway dresses were available in shorter lengths. I only felt the Faun collection was a complete misstep. Beautiful yes, but damn Rick, a strapless denim for 2000$?

    PS: What are you wearing underneath? Is it a top and a skirt? I’ve been looking for a RO skirt/apron for a while. Or the lotus shorts.


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