Revisiting Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s Masterpieces

December 12, 2011

by Gracia Ventus

Earlier this year I wrote about Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s amazing art pieces (I shan’t call them jewelry nor accessories because those words don’t do her work any justice). She has since written a new chapter to her storybook – Exotic Regrets, each fragment better than the last. Yes I’m speaking metaphorically because that’s how she does things and frankly, looking at her work of art you wouldn’t do it in a boring way like, ‘Here’s the new S/S12 collection which is inspired by the African tribe of Ndebele mixed with Russian Baboushka.’ No siree, as soon as you see her urushi-lacquered pieces entwined with horse hair and the sharp talons you’ll be imagining an eagle swooping down on an unsupecting rabbit while a wolf howls in the background.

Anyway enough chatter, more photos.

These are all one-off artisanal pieces, so you’ll never have to worry about bumping into another blogger in your Fashion Week cameo wearing the same shoes or cuffs. My personal favourite is the bag below. Its name is Silent Wolf (its other name is Darkness of Day but I prefer a wolf) and I would love to bring him home with me. Unfortunately he costs a dear £1700. Alas my wallet is never big enough for such an expensive pet. He’d have been my perfect company everywhere I go.

More can be found on and Not Just A Label.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s Masterpieces

  • O D Y S S E Y

    by O D Y S S E Y on December 12, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    really beautiful images and designs. the shoes are indescribable.

  • Rosenrot

    by Rosenrot on December 13, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Indeed. I’ve always been amazed by her works, from the conceptualisation to the execution, there’s just so much thought and emotions involved.


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