The tale of a miserable hoarder

June 27, 2011

by Gracia Ventus

I’m leaving this country for good, and packing is a huge pain for me because I have to part with more than half of my beloved clothes, and then spend another few hundred dollars sending back the rest. Is there anyone out there who’s a bigger hoarder than I am? I can’t even bear to get rid of clothes which have not seen the light of day in the past six months. I have like, five biker jackets, and each time I told myself I should sell most of them, another voice in my head tells me that I need that piece because it’s shorter, or longer, or distressed, or looks like a vintage version of the Celine jacket. After which the other voice in my head says something like, ‘Gracia, there are hobos out there who don’t even have a decent jacket,’ to make myself be grateful for having just one and be guilty of excessive consumerism. Sometimes I replace the hobo scenario with that of Somali children, or a penniless bird lady, yet despite all that the jackets are still hanging in my wardrobe.

Alas, this matter is something I can no longer avoid. So you see that biker jacket up there? I’m taking reasonable offers over the hundred dollar mark. The boots are also on sale in my Ebay store, along with heaps more stuff (link on the right). Hit me up with an email. Pretty please?

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