Pedro Lourenco: Fashion’s Prodigy

October 26, 2010

by Gracia Ventus

Too often the typical offerings from veteran designers bring out the inevitable big yawns from me, and that graph tends to peak in the Spring/Summer shows, which is why whenever I find a young fresh blood that boils with creativity down to its very last haemoglobin it makes me sit up straight in a very excited, fidgety manner that spurs me to annouce the fashion world is saved once again.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Pedro Lourenco. He’s a 20 year old fashion prodigy who’s had his second show in Paris this year. His aesthetics combine the gothic structural leathers of Gareth Pugh, the calming neutrality of Pheobe Philo, and the futurism of Nicholas Ghesquiere. I suppose that having two leading fashion designers as parents can contribute to his success to a certain extent, but his clothes are definitely worth perusing. Needless to say I am in love with the venetian blind jackets from the Fall Winter 2010 collection. The downside is that I have no way of finding out where to get it at this moment.

Big Close Up:


His Spring/Summer 2011 collection further accentuates his futuristic vision and relies heavily on trompe l’oeil.

That dress on the left is my favourite out of the entire collection. Mr Lourenco, if you ever come across this post, please let me know how I can buy your pieces. PLEASE


2 thoughts on “Pedro Lourenco: Fashion’s Prodigy

  • Leon

    by Leon on December 22, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    hey THANK you for posting these – i just found a new favorite designer. This is great.

    LOVE your blog. Thank you on behalf of all the fashion illustrators and stylists – you make it so easy to find incredible styles.



  • Rosenrot

    by Rosenrot on December 22, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    Thanks for your kind words Leon. I’m glad I can be of help


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