Favourite Jak&Jill Moments

February 27, 2010

by Gracia Ventus

Right I’m officially back into blogging after moving back to Melbourne. I haven’t had the chance to fully scrutinise all the fashion shows or blogosphere due to all the unpacking and a part-time job, but I’m catching up slowly. First up, Tommy Ton of Jak&Jill’s street style shots for style.com have not disappointed me one bit, although his own blog gets neglected in return, rather sad really. These are the ones I love most.

Now this lady here, I reckon she must have about 30 Birkins, or maybe more. Have you thought of donating one to those who need it more, Madam?

Mademoiselle, your clothes are absolutely gorgeous. Thank goodness I don’t have a single clue as to who made those pieces or my Alexander Mcqueen shoes fund would be wiped out.

She must be an insider in the industry to be able to get hold of these babies NOW, otherwise Luisaviaroma would have to step up its game.

Yep. More of my favourite collaboration. I do think Mr. Kirkwood is much more creative with Rodarte as compared to designing for his own line because he doesn’t have to conform to a specific brand identity.

In my previous post, I was weighing these boots in brown against a pair of Jil Sander. They were available in the morning but I made my decision to get them only in the afternoon, only to find that some chick has snapped them. insert profanities

You know how you’ve always thought that certain things looked ugly but you totally change your mind when you see someone wearing them? Well yeah these boots are like that. It’s a you-got-me-at-hello moment as soon as I see the wood grains.

I’ve never been fans of Carine or Emmanuelle and I dislike Anna Della Russo very much, but Miroslava, now, she’s in a different league altogether. Fangirl mode on

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