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October 9, 2009

by Gracia Ventus

As a person who constantly listens to headbanging, hair-raising music, I’m constantly inspired by the fashion movements of the metal and goth subcultures. I suppose I have deviated somewhat these days since I have become more obsessed with avant-garde, architectural pieces, but just two years ago I was a walking poster for rock-stars wannabes, sporting black jeans, biker boots and unkempt long hair (the messier the better) to my jamming sessions with the boys.

Despite the drastic changes that have occured over the years these influences are still quite apparent in my choices of clothes and shoes, as shown by the fact that looking at buckles and leather gets my pulse racing, not to mention owning two pairs of Dr Martens and another few pairs of military boots (which might have stepped on Afghan soil). However, the today-me loves prancing around in sky-high heels and wedges, so I figured it’s high time I infuse the hardcore military/grunge/biker/goth boots into my wardrobe the high fashion way.

From top left: Demonia, Chloe, Pennangalan, Pennangalan, Tory Burch, Dr Martens, Burberry

I searched through pretty much all combat boots with some sorta platform or chunkiness in them, since anything dainty or with stiletto heels would just look like any other ankle boots.

The Pennangalan boots were found some months back. It’s also kickass site for anyone who loves goth boots and winklepickers (YUM). Anyhoo, it’s wierd how many months ago such chunky platform heights would be deemed as absurd and associated only with strippers, but with the rising heights of platforms to ridiculous levels on the runways, these boots look pretty alright now.

I’m still looking around for more options. If you guys could help me out in this department it’d be totally awesome!

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