Frolicking Frocks

October 8, 2009

by Gracia Ventus

See I have always loved avant garde vintage dresses. I can spend hours finding vintage gems on Ebay purely just to ogle. However these days I found myself wanting to own them despite not having any occasions to wear them to, purely because they’re such inspirational pieces and perhaps one day I shall replicate them in other colours and materials.

These two dresses were auctioned in Ebay a month ago. I got outbid on both occasions. For those who have experienced that you know how vexing it can be to lose at the last few seconds.

So anyway I kept hunting for the tailcoat dress and after weeks of perseverance I finally got it at a decent price.

I know I should have accessorised a little or layer it or something but as usual I was just too excited when receiving the pretty dress. And then sometime later I remembered this:

Speaking of Balmain, the S/S 10 collection is quite a disappointment IMHO. I just spent a whole day looking through all the fashion shows on and I’ve picked out my favourite looks (about 150 of them). The next post shall be extremely image heavy.

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One thought on “Frolicking Frocks

  • WJ

    by WJ on October 9, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Holy shit, that second dress you featured is incredible! I wish you could’ve won it.


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