Calling out to anyone selling YSL’s Muse Two in Multicolour Suede

October 7, 2009

by Gracia Ventus

An overdue picture of the gaudy that happened last month. It was the only picture that I liked out of the whole night, sans the silly flash lights.

On another note, I’m contemplating on buying this YSL Muse Two in the large size.

Yes I do realise that this colour was released last year. And yes tons of people are carrying the Muse Twos but really, I don’t think I quite care about it. I’m not bothered about what’s in and out of season. My only problems now are to raise enough cash for it, and more importantly, find someone who is selling it. The only person I know who was selling it some weeks ago took hers down from Ebay as her friend wanted to purchase it :(

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