I’m telling you now to not buy cheap shoes

January 7, 2009

by Gracia Ventus

Costume National shoe-boots

As a shoe collector I am always searching for heels that offer an optimum balance between comfort and aesthetics. When I mean aesthetics, I am referring to heels that are at least 3 inches high (there are no kitten heels in my shoe dictionary).

After buying several pairs, and most of them a waste of my cash, I came to the conclusion that one should never spend money on cheap footwear that goes higher than 2 inches. Cheap heels are not good for your feet, heck all high heels aren’t great for your soles, but the Far East wares pinch and cause blisters in a mere hour. I have yet to find a pair that I can wear for a full day without me screaming every five minutes.

Top on my list for the most comfortable shoes in the affordable range would be Nine West. I try to not purchase any footwear from Zara or Mango even though their price points are similar to NW, but they are definitely nowhere as comfortable, despite all three being copy-cats of the high end brands.

Then again, not all expensive shoes are comfortable. I avoid Christian Dior ones at all costs now. Their flats almost killed me (yes, flats!). If you have a grand to spare, get a pair from Salvatore Ferragamo, or Costume National. The ones I have are about 4 inches high, but they are sure way more comfortable than any copies from Forever 21.

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  • mauro

    by mauro on July 2, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    I love your blog and you are so beautifull!!!


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