Nuts over studs

December 12, 2008

by Gracia Ventus

An innocent flip through a fashion mag led me to, which eventually brewed into an obsession with studs.

Wait, I think I’m going too fast. Ok here is how it went. I picked up a copy of Teen-Vogue on my colleague’s table, browsed through a fashion spread, and saw this pair of studded military boots that a model was wearing across several pages. Anyone who knows me knows that those are the two things I’m crazy about -studs AND military boots, among many other things of course. I was so overwhelmed by them that I had half a mind to actually order the boots from the website, but there is no way they can guarantee the boots they send to me will look like the one I ask for, not to mention that the prices are exorbitant.

So, in a fit of gungho-ness I decided to make them myself for a fraction of the price. I googled how to add studs to leather, and then proceeded to buy studs (80o of them grins), while at the same time scouring through Ebay for any boots that has the word ‘military’, ‘combat’ or ‘army’ in its name. Though time-consuming, I found several exact or similar contenders, and as I’m typing right now, they’re on their way here.


The stud madness doesn’t just end there. The idea has now spread on to bags, denim cutoffs, and even leather jackets. I got myself that plain leather bag from Ebay, all ready to have a makeover with nothing but studs, studs and more studs.

Now isn’t the possibility just endless?

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