+9 Spring/Summer at Old School

November 9, 2008

by Gracia Ventus

It is not easy to go up to a stranger to ask for their picture, as I found out for the first time, especially when he/she/they are so intimidatingly gorgeous.

Editor (left) and beauty editor (right) of a local mag

This might seem like Lesson 101 in How to wear the long blazer. The lady on (our) left is wearing a VANESSABRUNO blazer and a gorgeous pair of Balenciaga shoes. The other lady is wearing a beautiful pair of Dries, which unfortunately was cropped out of the picture. I got mad at myself for ten minutes because of that.

Accounting student

I thought the dress (from Playhound) and the skirt combo was a clever way of layering, especially for instances when dresses are too short. The patent Dr Martens was a perfect finish (being a fan of the Brit boots myself), given to her by a friend. Well I say, lucky her!

Interior designer

I was walking to my bus stop when I spotted this gentleman. Being a huge, and I mean HUGE fan of leather biker apparels, I knew I had to snap him. The vest was given by a friend (another lucky person to have friends with great taste!), which he thought might have been a vintage Banana Republic. As soon as I went home I searched high and low for something similar on Ebay. On another note, I thought the shoes were awesomely eye-catching.


3 thoughts on “+9 Spring/Summer at Old School

  • Ænimic

    by Ænimic on November 11, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    Great work on the photos. :) Keep it up!

  • Ibé Zamri

    by Ibé Zamri on November 7, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    i newly discover your blog 2 months ago and i love all your articles. today i decided to read your older posts and i notice huge difference on the topic. i love your blog, please keep writing! love from malaysia!

    • Gracia Ventus

      by Gracia Ventus on November 7, 2018 at 9:14 pm

      Hi Ibé, thank you for your lovely comment. Many years have gone by since I first started writing. I’m certainly keeping it up but I’m in the midst of launching the next collection so all writing has to be put on hold sadly. Thanks again for reading!


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